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Forgiveness is one of the most underrated skill sets that is constantly overlooked. Regarding your personal forgiveness journey, you know you want to feel better emotionally as well as have healthier connections with others. Deep down inside you know that some of your biggest needs are to feel seen, heard, and supported, especially when you have experienced past hurt.


You can be honest, have you swept your past hurt under the rug instead of accepting the forgiveness process? Have you had challenges with identifying what sets you off and it is easier for you to internalize your emotions and “just move on?” Do you struggle with connecting with others because your forgiveness that is connected to your past pain has caused you to mistrust?


Freedom in Forgiveness is just the book to help you begin your process towards having the faith to experience forgiveness. Chelsea Bailey will show you how to shift your mindset so that you can change your life. Chelsea Bailey takes you through her step by step framework that will help you go from feeling emotionally numb to recognizing the true value in forgiveness and its fulfillment it can serve in your life.



  • Find value in the forgiveness process

  • Identify how to have less triggering moments

  • Find acceptance and peace in processing though past hurt

  • Examine how to freely shift your perspective and mindset

  • Explore how to have the faith in embracing forgiveness in a healthier way


On the other side of your willingness to forgive is the healthier version of yourself mentally, spiritually, and emotionally.

Freedom in Forgiveness Book

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