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A little over 8 years ago, Chelsea embarked on her journey to become a school counselor. She received her bachelor of Science in psychology and minor in Urban Education and Master of Education in School Counseling at Georgia State University. Chelsea later received her Specialist Degree at Valdosta State University. 

Since 2019 Chelsea Bailey began a new mission to helping and serving Christian women. 2021 Change Works Services LLC was born and is continuing to serve women of faith that are ready to step into the healthier version of themselves so that they are able to serve their homes, workplaces, and communities well. When women are able to develop the skillets and coping mechanisms to pour into themselves, they are able to pour out to serve others they are called to by God. 

Chelsea Bailey's motto is that with God, change is possible. Will you join her in the mission to becoming the healthier version of ourselves so that we are able to impact our communities from the inside out? If so, connect with us today!

Hello, there

I'm Chelsea Bailey

Christian Counselor 

Mom and Wife



Christian Counseling Services 

50 +

Mission to serve over 50 women per year


Years in the field of counseling 


Authentic Transformation with Christ Jesus at our center

Here at Change Works Services LLC we aim to serve women of faith that are ready and commited to heal so that they are able to experience transformation by partnering with God and learning the skills and tools gained within the Chrisitan counseling experience. 



Chelsea, what God has brought you into is powerful. Thank you for being obedient to His calling over your life. The work that He does through you is life changing. Counseling can be a crutch to some, but you give your clients tools to be intimate with the King, the Living God. You not only walked me through my battle, you equipped me to fight on my own. You turned me to Jesus. You made a disciple, so thank you.


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