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Leave Behind Past Pain and Experience Pure Peace and Healing

Are you tired of feeling disconnected from relationships that matter to you, mindset blocks, past hurts, and you are in need of a reset? It's time for you to experience the rejuvenation of your mind, body, and spirit as you learn about the power of healing by partnering with God.  Book your service today to rediscover the beauty of healing and peace of mind. 

Meet Your Christian Counselor

 Chelsea Bailey

Chelsea Bailey has received her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Minor in Urban Education at Georgia State University. Additionally, she later received her Master of Education at Georgia State University and Specialist Degree at Valdosta State University in the field of School Counseling.

She is Certified in Christian Counseling from NAACC and is passionate about helping her clients process through life’s most disrupting challenges while building their relationship with God. Ultimately, she loves to see her clients thrive at their highest level of potential.

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 Counseling Services

Join the Counselor's Couch

The Counselor's Couch Weekly is a space of weekly messages from yours truly for encouragement, inspiration, and of course exclusives for those ready to invest in their mental health wellness transformation. I also have an amazing 3-Day Renewed Experience email challenge waiting for you inside, So go ahead, simply enter your information below and lets connect.

Christian Counseling Serivces

Ready to commit to take full advantage of your healing process? Book your Christian Counseling Services and receive monthly and even weekly support!

Her Healed Life Program

Her Healed Life Program is our Chrisitan Counseling Program that provides support for women of faith needing support regarding healing from trauma and are ready for breakthrough and transformation of the mind, emotions, and spirit.

 Self-Care Essentials


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