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Christian Counseling Services 

An overview of Christian Counseling Services

This experience is for women of faith that are desiring consistent sessions over a period of five months. Each session is facilitated virtually and is power packed and solution focused based on the goal of each client. 

Strength & Resilience

Self Love

Emotional navitgation

Unlocking your potential

Mental and physical well-being

Decision making skills

Inner peace and healing

Self acceptance

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What exactly is included?

Christian counseling is for five months. Each month, your session is for 90 minutes. 

5 Months
One 90 minute session per month
Weekly support via Voxer
Growth Exercises
Improved mental and emotional health

Stop living on autopilot and start living intentionally.

Join Her Heal Life Program

Want to learn more about our program option, simply click the button below to get started. 


“I started counseling with Chelsea when, unbeknownst to me, I was spiritually broken. February 2020, I had been searching for a counselor/therapist for some time, but didn’t want to go to just anybody because of how spiritually vulnerable I was. I’ve known Chelsea for some time, so the familiarity was there, but the trust developed rather quickly.

I can remember when I enrolled in her Self-Love and Identity course. And when I told her my problems, goals, and fears she re-assured me that healing is attainable, but I would have to ‘do the work’ and work it was! She pushed me (lovingly) to examine and expose the hidden and secret areas of my heart. She taught me with practical measures on how to overcome them with the Word and other valuable material. We did all of this virtually!!

I’m really glad I listened to the Holy Spirit and connected with Chelsea. She helped jumpstart my commitment with Christ and to take my journey serious.

She’s positive, REAL, sensitive, genuine, and professional. I thank God for her! ❤️”


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